The Imagination Process™

extraordinary healing...
guiding and loving people to their highest potential and being...

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Wendyne Limber, MA, LMFT, RDT-BCT

Creator and Founder


What We Do

We are a program of Soulville Conscious Transformation Community of Venus Rising and Soul Studies Institute, both 501(c)3 not for profit organizations providing a sacred community and retreat 

for healing, transformation education and training.

We help people heal and transform the body from past trauma, abuse, patterns and habits that sabotage love, health, abundance and freedom to be authentic and real... then we help people design the life of their dreams.  It is truly exciting and extraordinary healing!




We heal


feel our feelings


release our pain

close our eyes

change our old brain habits





transform our trauma 



fall over backwards

cry our sacred tears

learn to love ourselves


The Imagination Process™

offers extraordinary healing  for


 -  Recovery of Self Worth

 - Self Love and Personal Empowerment

 - Grief and Loss

 - Depression and Mood Disorders

 - Body Healing

 - Codependency, Love and Relationship Issues

 - PTSD and Trauma

 - Depth Aftercare Addiction Recovery

 - Abuse:  Physical, Mental, Emotional, Sexual, Religious


We believe that in order to realize your highest potential, you must release, resolve, dismantle and transform core wounds, issues and patterns, which have been driving your physical and emotional being.  With new belief, you can become the master of your emotions, thoughts and behaviors, enabling you to open to the unlimited possibilities of the universe - beyond your individual Self and ego - toward wholeness, love and a peace beyond your dreams!

Program Components

  - 3 phases/21 weeks of group process

 -  Individual Therapy Sessions

 - 3 Intensive Weekend Experiences

 - 3 Workbooks

Insurance Coverage by most providers.

When we release and express past wounds and hurt, we also can heal our diseases.