For those healing addiction - We offer Imagine Recovery added to The Imagination Process... outpatient addiction treatment beyond traditional recovery work, addressing the body, mind and spirit as a whole integrated system.


Our work explores and transforms the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causative factors that have created our dependencies, addictions and sabotaging behavioral patterns.  

We do this in an extraordinary way using many incredible healing modalities and techniques integrated into a system -  from neuroscience, expressive therapeutic arts, holistic medicine, quantum science, trauma work and the spiritual arts.


The Imagination Process/Imagine Recovery 21 Week Process includes:

3 Phases Weekly Imagination Group Sessions 

 Individual Therapy Sessions (Weekly/Bi-Weekly)

Addiction Process Sessions Weekly

3 Imagination Weekend Intensive Adventures  (One each phase)

Imagination Phase Workbooks (One for each phase)

Imagine Recovery Workbook

The Imagination Process with Imagine Recovery