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ME.  Underneath Addiction

An Extraordinary Conscious
Transformation Process
 21 weeks. 3 Weekend Intensive Experiences. opening consciousness. re-leasing the patterns. 
re-programming the brain. receiving healing and transformation. 

ME -  Underneath addiction is a 21 week  group process, part of The Imagination Process in Stuart, Florida. Healing for addiction requires the release of  life-time trauma, pain and shame.


In this process, we release core issues and wounds underlying addiction...For all addictions: drugs, alcohol, food, sex, co-dependency, love, internet, exercise, gambling, phone et al.


Participants will have an opportunity to move to a new consciousness around addiction and go beyond traditional recovery work, addressing the body, mind and spirit as a whole integrated system.


This work opens consciousness to  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causative factors that have created our dependencies, addictions and sabotaging behavioral patterns.  

We consider addiction an attachment and emotional relationship with a substance or behavioral routine that has been learned, fired and wired together in the brain -  that one has been unable to change or stop even though it may cause extreme emotional and physical pain and loss.  


We can heal and transform addiction by going deep into our subconscious mind, change the brain, release repressed feelings and consciously work to re-program, re-organize, and re-create new habits and patterns - a new desired future of peace, happiness, prosperity, good health, self love and empowerment.

We believe we can heal addiction by being with our pain, feeling it and having love and support to truly transform our pain and fear into love.

Program Includes: 

 - Wednesday  Imagination Process Groups

 - 3 Weekend Intensive in Stuart, FL

 - Individual Recovery Coach Sessions

The program fee is $5550.  Some insurances may cover a portion of the fee.  Payment plans can be arranged.  We want all people to heal and transform whatever is Underneath Addiction.

We heal and transform addiction toward an extraordinary life...


because it is time to do something new and I am tired of addiction...
because I am ready to move out of my comfort zone and create a new life...
because I am tired of the same old patterns over and over...
because I am ready to heal my deep wounds and trauma...
because I am ready to have lasting recovery and a new life...
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