ME.  Underneath Addiction

An Extraordinary Conscious
Transformation Process
 28 days. opening consciousness. re-leasing the patterns. re-programming the brain.
receiving healing and transformation. 

ME -  Underneath addiction is a 28 day virtual on-line group process for discovery and release of core issues and wounds underlying addiction...For all addictions: drugs, alcohol, food, sex, co-dependency, love, internet, exercise, gambling, phone et al.


Participants will have an opportunity to move to a new consciousness around addiction and go beyond traditional recovery work, addressing the body, mind and spirit as a whole integrated system.


This work opens consciousness to  the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causative factors that have created our dependencies, addictions and sabotaging behavioral patterns.  

The 28 day virtual class opens the door to healing all that creates addiction with an intention of releasing addition patterns, re-programming your body and brain and giving participants and opportunity to receive healing and transformation.


We consider addiction an attachment and emotional relationship with a substance or behavioral routine that has been learned, fired and wired together in the brain -  that one has been unable to change or stop even though it may cause extreme emotional and physical pain and loss.  


We can heal and transform addiction by going deep into our subconscious mind, change the brain, release repressed feelings and consciously work to re-program, re-organize, and re-create new habits and patterns - a new desired future of peace, happiness, prosperity, good health, self love and empowerment.

We believe we can heal addiction by being with our pain, feeling it and having love and support to truly transform our pain and fear into love.

We heal and transform addiction toward an extraordinary life...

You have come here now to engage a new process....  and there is no coincidence that you have come upon this now.  You have most likely been desiring some kind of change or transformation in your life concerning the habits, addictions and ways of being that are part of your life and patterns.


Me. Underneath Addiction is a virtual - on line Zoom class that takes place for 28 consecutive days with a combination of on-line, workbook and individual communication.

   The work is designed to:

 - help you understand and release what is driving your addictive behaviors and patterns

 - re-program the patterns, beliefs, thoughts and feelings underneath addiction

 - help you open to receive a high vibration of love for healing and transformation


This workshop is completely virtual and open to all.  Your responsibilities:

 - know how to operate your computer, pad or phone using ZOOM meetings

 - arrive on time; muting your audio when entering the room

 - keep your video camera on; be in a quiet, confidential, well lit area so we can see you

 - have your required workbook, journal and pen ready (Link for workbook )

 - be committed to the entire 28 days


Our work is confidential - please do not be in a room with any other persons; do not share information about who is attending so we can keep our work safe and sacred.  If for some reason you must be around another person, please wear head phones.


because it is time to do something new and I am tired of addiction...
because I am ready to move out of my comfort zone and create a new life...
because I am tired of the same old patterns over and over...
because I am ready to heal my deep wounds and trauma...
because I am ready to have lasting recovery and a new life...
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Pay for 28 days


Pay $10 each day