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The Imagination Process®
Alumni Program for graduates of
The Imagination Process

collaborating with the Quantum Field
for the next dimension of transformation...

More Phases of Work

Stay As Long As You Want

We study and experience: Womb Work, Intimacy Without Responsibility, Money Grows On Trees, Designing An Extraordinary Life, Me. Underneath Addiction, I Love Myself And All That I Am, The Hero's Journey...

What We Do

Imagination Process Advanced includes unlimited phases of The Imagination Process for those who desire to continue learning and moving to the next level.


The work is designed for those who desire to walk the path of conscious evolution, past the original traumas  addressed in the original Imagination Process - ready to create an extraordinary life.

Students will become more accountable to Self through advanced practices and personal commitment to growth.

You may want to do this class for the rest of your life, and that would be okay.


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Tuition is $450 per 7 week  Your insurance may cover a portion of this fee.  


Contact Wendyne Limber


for more information and registration.



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