The Imagination Process

Advanced Adventure™

Alumni Program

collaborating with the Quantum Field
for the next dimension of transformation...
Advanced Course offered in the 5th Dimension on Zoom
Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm
Imagine Advanced Phase
Intuition Advanced Phase
Inspiration Advanced Phase

Being Supernatural…Trusting the Unknown…Loving My Life… Overcoming Limitations…Living in Unlimited Possibilities…Creating New Realities…Living an Extraordinary Life.

What We Do

Imagination Process Advanced includes 3 more phases of The Imagination Process offering ADVANCED work and the next level of healing and transformation for those who have completed the original Imagination Process and desire to continue on the healing path, moving into the metaphysical dimension.


3 Phases will correspond to the The Imagination Process 21 Week Program for Recovery:  Imagine, Intuition, Inspiration:


Imagine Advanced Phase - Going deeply into the womb work followed by discovering the metaphysical origins of inner child wounds, trauma and pain from past lifetimes and contracts made with those in our family soul groups; consciously surrendering and re-writing our original stories and patterns; contemplating and applying radical forgiveness.


Intuition Advanced Phase - Study of more of the shadow aspects of Self and the archetypes we are all living as we consciously become aware of our whole selves; applying the Universal Principles in a deeper way, applying to our individual life experiences and committing to practices for lasting and extraordinary transformation.


Inspiration Advanced Phase - Going to the next level of manifesting our dreams using advanced technology, practice and energy; connection to the Quantum Field/5th dimension for materializing our dreams and the experiences we would like to have in our lives.


In this advanced work we will incorporate a deeper level of the creative arts processes which, include writing, art, improvisation, sound and movement; as well as psycho-spiritual processes and altered states work with meditation, shamanic journeying and breath.





Tuition is $1050 for 21 weeks of work; $350 per phase; or $2500 with 10 Individual Sessions during the program. Your insurance may cover a portion of this fee.  

MONDAY Web Class is $175 or $25 weekly with payment agreement..7 Week Commitment Required.


Contact Wendyne Limber

772-220-1777 or

Petrina McGowen


for more information and registration.