The Imagination Process

Advanced Adventure™

Alumni Program

collaborating with the Quantum Field
for the next dimension of transformation...

3 Phases of Work

Advanced Course offered in the 5th Dimension on Zoom
Tuesdays 6:30-9 pm
Imagine Advanced Phase
Intuition Advanced Phase
Inspiration Advanced Phase

Being Supernatural…Trusting the Unknown…Loving My Life… Overcoming Limitations…Living in Unlimited Possibilities…Creating New Realities…Living an Extraordinary Life.

What We Do

Imagination Process Advanced includes 3 more phases of The Imagination Process for those who desire to continue learning and moving to the next level.


The work is designed for those who desire to walk the path of conscious evolution, past the original traumas  addressed in the original Imagination Process - ready to create an extraordinary life.

Students will become more accountable to Self through advanced practices and personal commitment to growth.

3 Phases will correspond to the The Imagination Process 21 Week Program:  Imagine, Intuition, Inspiration.  Class topics/subjects will be designed to match the 3 phases through a variety of new topics.





Tuition is $1050 for 21 weeks of work; $350 per phase; or $2500 with 10 Individual Sessions during the program. Your insurance may cover a portion of this fee.  


Contact Wendyne Limber

772-220-1777 or

Petrina McGowen


for more information and registration.