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The Imagination Process

Greetings! The Imagination Process™ is about to begin, and the information below will tell you all about it.  Welcome to all who will be joining us.


We are in an amazing time right now where healing and transformation is happening in deep and extraordinary ways.  The time is now for completing and dismantling old generational family patterns, beliefs, conditioning and reactions toward new ways of being, aligning with universal principles, peace and love.  


The Imagination Process is an original and innovative healing program. Our mission is to help people reclaim the lost parts of themselves due to trauma, abuse, subtle perfectionist training, dysfunctional co-dependent or addictive family of origin pain and all old systems of thinking that no longer serve.


Participants gain the skills and motivation to re-invent themselves; transform/transmute pain, shame, anxiety or fear into love and personal power; release, express, dream, create and walk a new path of joy and peace. 


The process offers extraordinary healing for anyone who desires to go deeper into the heart and soul, discover and live the real Self and become a deliberate creator. Imagination is excellent as well for those who are ready to heal the past - co-dependency, PTSD, grief and loss, depression and mood disorders or need depth aftercare addiction recovery. 


This model/approach, designed and developed by Wendyne Limber, MA, LMFT, RDT has been offered and delivered to the community of Stuart, Florida since 1990. Individuals, couples, children and families have participated, reporting throughout the years, great personal growth, health and healing. 


The Imagination Process taps into unconscious stored material carried in the body-mind brain and nervous system. The body is a record of all that has ever happened.  Our old programs get re-created unconsciously over and over in the  life of each individual and become apparent through issues of relationship, health, career, money, etc.  - dependent upon the unconscious or conscious imprints in the brain/psyche.  Upon healing and transformation, the individual has the ability and power to create a desired future of unlimited possibilities, to re-write and transcend the old, connecting to one’s inner source and divine purpose.


The process incorporates a variety of integrated healing modalities, which include psychotherapy, meditation, sound therapy, bodywork, movement, art, writing, drama, theatre, breathwork, and other state of the art techniques and therapeutic modalities.


The Imagination Process™ Program Components

The Imagination Process™ is an intensive personal growth program involving 21 weeks of healing and transformational work in three 7-week phases.  


Program components include:

1.  Life History Evaluation/Plan of Intention

2.  Weekly Group Work  (3 Phases, 7 weeks each = 21 weeks)

3.  Imagination Weekend Intensives (1 Weekend each phase = 3 weekends)

4.  Individual Therapy/Coaching - Begins with Life History therapeutic session to develop intention plan with Wendyne; followed by 3 coaching sessions per phase with an Imagination Transformation Life Coach.


The following is a description of each phase of work followed by a description of each program component:



The Imagine Phase is about the reclaiming of the inner child, birth and womb experiences and full consciousness of family of origin patterns, which are active and continue to create the “same” life results and outcomes.  Healing Experiences include exercises that build trust, test boundaries, and open the heart.  Those who have been abused, hurt, abandoned or grew up too fast will have the opportunity to release trauma and pain from the body and re-pattern, re-create, restore themselves and live in harmony and joy.  We use creative arts therapies, which allow participants to give a voice to past pain for expression, release, healing and transformation.  Simply, in this phase we are:


Reclaiming the Inner Child

Becoming Aware of our First Imprints

Discovering and Healing Toxic Patterns

Healing Wounds and Trauma Held in the Body

Re-patterning, Re-creating, Restoring our Lives

Understanding Personal Core Issues which Create Dysfunction 




The Intuition Phase focuses on the shadow aspect of Self as participants explore their disowned, hurt, self-destructive patterns and feelings of being not good enough, which eventually sabotage personal growth, deep love relationships and future joy.  Through meditation and deep inner work, this phase introduces participants to universal principles as ways to experience higher consciousness, love and peace.  Participants open to their personal belief system and connection to the Universe to the “bigger story” of their lives.  Simply, this phase focuses on:


Meditation and Inner Healing Work  

Integrating the Shadow Aspect of Self

Understanding and Living the Universal Principles for Peace

Developing a powerful and personal healing path and connection to the Divine within and without...




The Inspiration Phase introduces participants to the art and skill of designing one’s life, creating the future, letting go and reversing negative mind programs and victim consciousness.  Healing experiences include exercises for confidence and self-esteem building, opening the body, mind and spirit to personal power and the creation of the heart’s desires; and the release and expression of anything in the way of our dreams and passions.  Participants explore their own core beliefs and how these beliefs create their experiences and their lives each day.  Simply, in this phase we are:


Learning how to Create the Desires of the Heart

Releasing Any Trauma or Pain which Causes Victim Consciousness

Reprogramming Toxic Messages Held in the Body/Mind

Learning and Practicing a Language of Power

Discovering our Passions, Values and Priorities for Powerful Decision Making





Initial Evaluation, Life History Treatment Planning and Coaching Sessions:

The work begins with an initial evaluation and completion of a Life History with Wendyne Limber, designer of the program. The initial evaluation and planning session is a most important aspect of the process, as the participant will get in touch with the core issues, beliefs, conditioning, traumas underlying patterns and pain that the participant is ready to heal and transform. 


Following the evaluation and treatment planning, participants will work with an Imagination Transformation Life Coach for guidance, coaching and personal attention throughout the process.  

If you already have a therapist and desire to continue working with this therapist, please let us know and we will work with you and your therapist concerning the work you are doing.


Weekly Group Work:  

There are 7 weeks of group therapy/process work for each phase of the program.  Each week offers a unique healing and transformational experience designed specifically to address a specific goal or objective collectively and personally.  Group work involves experiential activities, mini-teachings and may include:  meditation, guided visualizations, regression, movement, dance, art, writing, sound therapy, drama therapy, small group work, partner work, silent projects, breathwork, sharing, release work and more.  Group members are ask to participate at the highest level they are ready and able.  


Imagination Weekend Intensive

Each phase of the work includes an Imagination Weekend Intensive, which takes place somewhere around the middle point of each phase.  The Weekend Intensive is an integral aspect of the healing process offering the important time to go deeper into the process with more time to break down emotional defenses for release, expression and re-framing of trauma and dysfunctional patterns.  


Weekend times are: Friday 6-10 pm; Saturday 10am-8pm and Sunday, 10:30am-2pm.  Wendyne Limber and the Imagination Therapy Team facilitate group processes.

Imagination Distance Program - We offer a distance program for those unable to attend weekly group sessions in Stuart, Florida.  Here is how we do it:

Participants engage all aspects of the process by doing individual sessions via Telehealth/Zoom AND attend 3 Weekend Intensives during the year in Stuart, Florida. 


The Imagination Process ™ Fees


Our program offers an opportunity to spend time, energy and money on yourself and/or your family – so to achieve your dreams, follow your bliss, and reverse the patterns in your life that no longer serve you.  Payment for your program is also an integral part of the process, as it gives you the opportunity to value yourself and the work.   Your commitment to payment will help you create more abundance for yourself as you learn and practice new ways of being.  

Your insurance company may cover a portion of these fees as a help to you in paying for this program.  We will be happy to file your insurance for you.  Payment plans are available when needed.  Please ask for more information if this option will help you do the healing work.


Program Costs:

Basic Program:  21 weeks of group for 3 phases; 3 Weekend Intensives; Individual Life History Evaluation and Intention Planning Session; 3 coaching sessions per phase - $4500 or $4000 if pre-paid


Intensive Program - All of the above with weekly coaching sessions is $5500 or $5000 if pre-paid

Distance Program - $2550 - includes 3 individual sessions per phase; weekend intensives; workbooks; OR $450 per Weekend Intensive and $100 Post Individual Processing Session.


Community Clinic Clients - Program Costs to be decided with your intern/Life Coach.


Payment Plans can be arranged for The Imagination Process.  Please discuss with your therapist, intern, coach prior to the beginning of the program.


Thank you for reading The Imagination Process Orientation information. 


You are about to enter a sacred process resulting in a transformation of your life, body, mind and spirit.  You will go deep into the lost places of your soul as you remember your own true essence. You will see and discover the truths you have really always known. You will remember how to love, and this will create peace.  


Here are LINKS for everything you need - Registration, Program Dates, Forms and More:


Registration Link


Web Payment Portal Link


Program Dates 2024 Link


Forms Link (Life History, Supplies)

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